Failing expansion joints are a problem area which Facilities Maintenance Managers are focused on eliminating. With a clear need for an effective solution and the lack of suitable long-term options a technique for an effective repair of expansion joints named a “Smooth Ride” expansion joint has been developed. Providing a more level surface than other systems, the bumpy ride suffered by patients and mobile equipment is eliminated, ensuring there is no jolt when transported across the joint. In addition, the repair eradicates the tripping hazard from failing joints, whilst simultaneously removing the issue of dirt and residue accumulation found with traditional joint installations.

Benefits of the “SMOOTH RIDE” solution over alternatives

The “Smooth Ride” application has many advantages over alternative solutions, namely because it addresses the causes of damage rather than simply covering it up. Options such as expansion joint covers will not provide a long-term answer to the problem and often, will result in future maintenance costs. Despite covering the damaged expansion joint, poorly engineered covers will still succumb to damages deriving from point load stresses, which can be seen by their tendency to deform into a cup shape. Resulting from this distortion, the cover can become a trip hazard, entrap dirt and moisture, as well as re-introduce the bumpy ride for patients and equipment.

In addition to the smooth transition, the simplicity and speed of this system application is far superior. The “Smooth Ride” application is easy to complete without needing to fix a cover with screws or other materials which cause damage to the floor. Furthermore, as the materials are cold-applied, the system is convenient to install and allows a quick return to service.